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    The Thyroid’s Affect on Fertility in Women

    The Thyroid’s Affect on Fertility in Women

    thyroidThe thyroid is a large gland in the neck that releases hormones into the body. These hormones help regulate growth, metabolism and can influence systems throughout the entire body. Two of the most common thyroid disorders include hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Both of these conditions can causes a number of health concerns, including having an effect on a woman’s fertility.


    When an individual suffers from hyperthyroidism, their thyroid releases excessive hormones into their body. A few of the symptoms include increased heart rate, fatigue, unintended weight loss and irregular periods. Each of these symptoms could have a negative effect on one’s fertility and the irregular periods could make it especially difficult to conceive.

    Another fertility concern with hyperthyroidism is anovulation, a dysfunction in the ovaries that causes a woman to not release an egg. Woman living with hyperthyroidism frequently have missed or irregular periods, however, it is important to note that is possible to have a period even if an egg was never released. Without ovulation, a woman can not become pregnant, as the sperm has nothing to fertilize.


    Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid is under-active, so it does not release an adequate supply of hormones into the body. Possible symptoms include weakness, elevated cholesterol, muscle pain, slowed heart rate, and unexplained weight gain.  Hypothyroidism can  also cause irregular periods and even lead to ovarian cysts. If left untreated, these cysts could prevent the release of eggs to be fertilized.

    Many women with hypothyroidism experience excessive levels of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin normally helps stimulate breast milk production and too much of this hormone can cause ovulation to temporarily stop.

    Although thyroid issues can cause fertility problems for woman, it does not mean that their infertility will last forever. Many thyroid issues can be controlled and, with the help of a functional medicine doctor, women with thyroid problems are taking back their fertility each and every day.

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